Solidarity is defined as a social duty, an obligation of help, assistance or graceful collaboration between the individuals of a group or a community.

Welcome in the official SolEddaRity Whitepaper!

Here you can find all detailed informations about our platform Toolidarity, and our unique concept of Own-2-Earn.
Have a good read <3


SolEddaRity, as its name suggests, is a project all about solidarity between builders of the NFT space. Founded by Edda.Sol and Sans-Qui. The main goal of SolEddaRity is to build the biggest hub of tools, features & services in the NFT space.


A relationship will only work if both people are actively involved in it. We strongly believe that NFTs are a relationship on four levels: The ecosystem, the projects, the creators and the investors. Currently, the creators influence the projects, which influence the ecosystem and the investors have little or no voice. It is high time for that to change.
SolEddaRity is here to enforce the power of the investor. By standing, hand in hand, holder to holder, project to project, we will control the ecosystem and not be controlled by it.
Solidarity was the movement that turned the direction of history, let's thrive together.


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